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What Do We Do?

We are an independent financial service company focused on the responsibility of helping our clients achieve their financial goals. We listen very carefully to you to identify your specific needs and wishes. Then, we provide recommendations that allow you the opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm and are available to offer you the following services:

  • Hourly consultations
  • A complete financial review & evaluation
  • A comprehensive financial or estate plan
  • Long-term care and life insurance solutions
  • Professional management of your investments

Because financial planning is a complicated and involved process, we will give you only objective, unbiased advice. We do not sell financial products, so our interests coincide with yours. As an independent financial organization, we have both the expertise and research capability of analyzing the market for you. This allows us the opportunity to secure the best suited investments for your individual needs. By combining a good plan, patience, and discipline, we will help you to reach whatever financial goals you and your family may have.

Our Mission Statement

At Capital Financial Group, our mission is...
To responsibly care for the financial and insurance needs of our clients.
This will be done with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

As your personal financial advisor:

  • We are a fee based financial firm.
  • We do not sell any financial investments.
  • We do not use outside wrap-fee accounts.
  • We will give only objective and unbiased advice.
  • We use No-load mutual funds as part of a portfolio.
  • We monitor our clients accounts on a regular basis.
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