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Money Talks with Richard D. Peterson


Do you have questions about the stock market, mutual funds, bonds-where should I invest? What is the estimated return on my investments? As I approach retirement age, what insurances should I be looking into? I’m already retired; will I run out of money before I die? These are some of the questions that we ask every day. That is where a financial advisor can help. An advisor has the knowledge, expertise, and tools to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

Capital Financial Group invites listeners to come to our web site every week to gather information regarding money and investing, with the weekly podcast “Money Talks” with Richard Peterson who is dedicated to answering just those types of questions.

Richard Peterson is a Certified Senior Advisor, Registered Investment Advisor, and a Registered Financial Planner who has a very broad knowledge on all aspects of investing, estate planning, asset management, and insurance product lines. When choosing an advisor, you want one who can handle all of theses services. An advisor should be aware of your wants, needs, and financial comfort zones. Advisors should listen when you speak and have a good understanding of your goals.

Whether your dream is to retire in Florida or put your child through college, it helps to have a plan. The show, “Money Talks”, provides you with answers about your financial future and how to be realistic about your goals and the time frame you establish to achieve them. A good financial plan will take your future goals and make them a reality. Unrealistic goals may cause you to become discouraged and ignore your plan; a good financial advisor can make your goals a reality. Capital Financial’s plan is to provide a show that will give unbiased, sound financial advice to its listeners.

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