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Welcome to Capital Financial Group

Capital Financial Group is an independent registered investment advisory firm offering clients a full range of financial and insurance services. Your financial future is as important to us as it is to you.

As your financial planning partner, our team of professionals is focused on providing individually customized investment strategies to meet your future goals. We are committed to building strong, long-term, prosperous relationships with our clients. We listen very carefully to your concerns, so that we fully understand what your financial goals are. We then analyze and evaluate your current financial portfolio, so that we can develop a comprehensive plan that is designed to accomplish all of your financial objectives. We will also help you implement your plan.

If all you want is some professional advice, you’ve come to the right place. We offer financial consultations by the hour. We will answer any of your important financial concerns, or offer you a professional evaluation of your current plan. This is the kind of unbiased, objective advice many people have been seeking. We don't try to sell you anything, just help you make intelligent, informed decisions. The initial consultation with our financial advisor is always no charge.

What about a plan?

The financial plan can be a bit intimidating. Where do you invest and how do you figure out how much you are going to need in the future? Some investors have had a financial plan drawn up for them. Others have not gotten around to having one done for them, or maybe, they have not been offered one. We strongly recommend that every person who has a goal to reach, a family to support, a retirement dream, or someone who just wants to be successful, needs a financial plan. We can also develop a plan for investors who currently work with a broker.

We are able to help you clearly see where you are today financially, define what goals you have for the future, and develop a comprehensive strategy so that those goals can be reached successfully.

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